Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Holidays

Summer is in full swing and we have some great gifts, games and ideas to keep everyone happy on these long balmy days.

Whenever we're looking for fun gifts to give we always look to the Wild and Wolf Ridley's range first - because it's jam packed with so many beautifully designed games and toys. Wild and Wolf have recently re-released the Ridleys nostalgic games in new Kaleidoscope packaging giving each item a toy shop feel - each games pulls you in with it's dazzling aray of colours and patterns.

This set of playing cards are a classic through and through - every household needs a deck of cards. whatever you play - snap, solitaire or texas hold 'em. You can perfect your shuffling skills till your heart's content. £9.95

For little tricksters the 4 Classic Jokes and whoopee cushions £2.95 will provide them whth those simplest of pleasures. Let them perfect the art of the 'nail through the finger' and listen to them giggle whilst dropping an 'insect in ice' into someone's drink (and just pick your cushioned seat carefully!)! 4 classic jokes £7.95

Board games are great for taking away with you and our favourites are 2 in 1's. The  Chess & Checkers £14.95 and the Snakes & ladders & Ludo £11.95 boards both have a vibrant 1960's style to them.With incredible double side board technology another classic family game is revealed. Just don't slide down too many snakes!

Don't forget to capture all those wonderful holiday moments. Why not try building your own pinhole camera! With this simple kit you just need some glue and away you go. Get the thrill of not only creating your own camera but then getting them developed and seeing the results. Pinhole Camera kit £7.95.

Check out the full range here - Ridley's games - with everything from tumbling blocks, pick up sticks and harmonica's to a giant bouncer summer will never be the same again!
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