Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Becksondergaard scarf is a definite need for a womens outfit....

To be honest.. one for each outfit is a need, in our opinion. 
Can't have too many nice scarves?

With their love for colours and Scandinavian simplicity Becksondergaard gives a playful twist to their scarves, with their well thought out colour palettes and bold prints.

A bold scarf like one of these can change a simple outfit so easily, into something that bit more eye catching. Easy Peasy.

So... Which are your new favourites?

1. ...?

Summer Star Blue Sky

2. ...?

Summer Star Green Tint

3. ...?

Twilight Star Elephant

 4. ...?

Twilight Star Blue Moon

 5. ...?

He Loves Me Marzipan

 6. ...?

Sky of Butterflies Sand Ginger

 7. ...?

Sky of Butterflies Harbour Blue

 8. ...?

Petit Amour Cat Grey

 9. ...?

Ombre Fleur Highlight Blue

 10. ...?

Supersize Nova Waterfall

 11. ...?

Supersize Nova Bark

 12. ...?

Grande Magnolia Cat Grey

13. ...?

Grande Magnolia Light Grey



Our Personal Favourite: No.5 He Loves Me Marzipan

This scarf comes with its own matching tote bag. Cute little set.


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