Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Secret Santa/Stocking Filler Gifts-
Gentleman's Hipflask-
Gentlemans stainless steel contoured hip flask holds 6oz. The discreet way to carry your favourite beverage, ideal for sporting occasions and outdoor pursuits.

Pocket IQ Test-
This Pocket IQ Test contains: Question, Answer, Sample & Scoring Cards. 60 Questions to tease your brain & prove who is the brainiest once and for all!

Scrabble Mug-
Celebrate the infamous Scrabble word game with ceramic scrabble mugs from Wild and Wolf. Find your favourite Scrabble letter from our A to Z mug range with original scrabble values assigned to each mug.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Why not spell your message out with Scrabble themed mugs and home accessories.

Gentleman's Hipflask- http://www.bloomsburystore.com/christmas/secret_santa/gentlemans-hipflask.htm
Pocket IQ Test- http://www.bloomsburystore.com/christmas/stocking_fillers/pocket_iq_test.htm
Scrabble Mug- http://www.bloomsburystore.com/christmas/secret_santa/scrabble_mug_j.htm

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