Tuesday, 22 May 2012

London Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch relay has reached Bath and we're super excited about it passing right outside our front door! The sun is shining, the people are gathering and as we took up our spot, here's what we saw....

some very enthusiastic cheerleaders to get the crowds going

the crowds are growing outside the shop here in Bath
eye spy

the Bloomsbury team  - who's this coming round the corner...

Olympic Gold medallist Jason Gardener carries the torch

big smiles all round
and as quickly as the torch passes by our cakes have sold out!

the torch carries on today off to Bristol

What an amazing experience, we're now looking forward to the opening event of the Olympics in July. But before that not to forget the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it's sure going to be a British Summer. Lets just hope the sun stays out!
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