Friday, 4 May 2012

Weekend Getaway

It's the May Bank Holiday and we're thinking of getting away from it all (especially this rain if possible!). If you're doing the same, here is our tried and trusted list of essentials to take on a weekend away.

1. Miller Harris fragrance's are our new favourite must have! My personal favourite is the Fleur Oriental, guaranteed to transport you to distant lands.
2. Burts Bee's Radience Day Creme will keep you looking fresh and glowing whatever you get up to.
3. Tokyo Milk mini soaps - will not spill in your bag (like most of my shower gels!), comes in cute mini sizes and will lightly frangrance your bag, you simply can't go wrong.
4. A scarf can be the most versatile item in your wardrobe, I love this World of Hearts scarf by Beck Sondergaard is a beautiful large wrap to keep you cosy in the evening.
5. Take a travel journal to keep note on all the sights and sounds of your weekend. I always have a notebook close to hand for those sudden moments of inspiration, delicious dinners and whatever else won't fit on a postcard. The Literary Transport range is a perfect fit.

6. Remember to brush twice a day
7. I always have a camera when I go away and this handy little Ted Baker case is perfect to keep all your kodak moments safe and sound.
8. I can't be the only one who can't go anywhere without handcream - my favourite is Tokyo Milk's Gin & Rosewater with it's shea butter drenching moisturiser and light exotic fragrance.
9. Never leave the house without your Burts Bee's lip balm, it's a real lifesaver!

Oh and I'll be taking one of these Rob Ryan umbrella's with me - you know, just in case!

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